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3 reasons to select Odd Jobs LLC for landscape Design

Let’s start with, a great question…

Why not?

Why not choose Michigan’s, most highly reviewed, highly sought-after company for your exterior build.

Let us do the hard part. You deserve to sit back and admire your new space!

1. Landscape Designs 

Aside from being personable, having high-quality equipment, and an overly qualified team, the #1 reason to select us is for our design services.

We create 2D and 3D designs for all the projects we complete. These designs start at $750 and help to ensure you’re in love with your new investment. Our designs come with endless revisions until you’re satisfied and are certain your backyard appears as you’d like it to. 

Here are a few examples. And to learn more about our design process click here.

2. In-house Team and one-stop shop!

The second reason to select Odd Jobs for your pavers and landscape design project is our team. We have the in-house capability to complete every scope of your project—the design, permit process, initial excavation, building, and maintenance for you. 

Why is that important? It saves you time, headache, and money working with one company that can be the one-stop shop for all your exterior needs. 

3. Socially Active

The majority of the homeowners we work with are between 30-65 years old. Many of which are technologically savvy, and many are not. 

Regardless of age, our activity on social media, customer service, and community impact are great reasons to select us as a contractor.

Our activity on social media gives you certainty about our activity. What’s the likelihood you’d work with a company that hasn’t posted/made updates since 2018? Very low!

Our Internet presence can also help you see what is going on while you’re away from your home. We are very adamant about showcasing our design and build process from end to end and showing what truly happens during the construction process. 

We are also very active in the community, as Eagle Scouts, we are consistently visiting events, meeting with other business owners for podcasts, and much more!

Have you seen enough to make a decision?

Let us get your backyard oasis started!

Connect with us today at 248-302-9175 or Oddjobsllcmi@gmail.com

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