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Modern Landscaping Entrance in West Bloomfield by Odd Jobs Landscape & Pavers

West Bloomfield Michigan Modern Landscape Design Entrance

Hey! Back at it again! This time bringing you our latest project—a modern walkway in West Bloomfield!

We actually wrote a blog post about 2-3 months ago showing the design. That blog post did really well and the design reached a large number of people. 

So today we bring you the finished project. We’ll show you the three phases and the final finished project too!

Phase 1.

The design. As you know we start every project with a 2D and 3D design. Why is a design important you may ask—click here to read our article that will answer that for you.

Long story short it’s for certainty. The certainty that the homeowners love what they’re investing their money into an internal certainty for our team on what the final product should look like and the specific dimensions to reach that end goal.

Phase 2: the build 

I’ll be very short-winded and let the photos speak for themselves. We excavated the area, installed the necessary base material, formed up the area to ensure correct spacing, and then began to pour!

Phase 3: Done 

Modern Landscaping Entrance in West Bloomfield
Modern Walkway West Bloomfield

Well, what do you think? We brought a taste of California to Michigan! We think it looks great and if you do too, let us know in the comments below.

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