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Best Brick Paver Patio in Southfield Michigan

Hey you! Thank you for stopping by to see the latest and greatest from Odd Jobs Pavers and Landscape. In this short read we’ll be speaking about our latest build in Southfield, Michigan.

Brick Pavers in Southfield Michigan

For this project we built a beautiful brick paver patio. This patio comes with lights, a flagstone walkway and Unilock U-Cara Fire pit.

Landscape Design

Per usual this project started with a 3D design. Our landscape design packages start at $750–these come with unlimited revisions, 2D and 3D photos of your project. The beauty of our landscape designs is they help our homeowners visualize their space before we begin. To read more about why we recommened starting your project with a landscape design, click here.

Paver Patio

This is the Beacon Hill Flagstone Patio with a Hollandstone Border. We added two lights into the lights for an ambiance!

Ready to start your space?

If you’re ready to start your space, lets connect. We can be reached at 248-302-9175 and/or

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  1. We have a brick paver patio in our home. Repairs under or in a paver are smooth and simpler to do than those around the concrete patio, where you need to change the whole concrete slab. Also, the upkeep of paver patios is minimal. Blow or sweep any debris off the surface, and you are good to go. I also want to share that most stains that occur can be easily cleaned with water and soap. If necessary, you can also buy cleaners that are made for the type of stains like rust, grease, oil, or food.

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