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Check out our latest brick paver, retaining wall, fire pit and outdoor kitchen projects! We install the best landscape design in Oakland County and we’re excited to work with you!

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A brick paver patio is a great way to add entertainment to your home. They’re so useful. When family and friends come over you can eat, chat, and laugh all while enjoying the outdoors.


Get an outdoor kitchen today! Cook and enjoy the outdoors without having to go inside to grab a thing. 

We specialize in landscape design. We recognize that your home is unique, both inside and out, so it requires a unique approach. We examine the areas of your home

Retaining Walls provide structure and create space at your home. If you’re looking for a retaining wall, we have a beautiful selection of natural stone, ledgestone, and modern block walls that are a perfect fit for your home. Give us a call today!


Create a warm and friendly environment with your new fire pit or fireplace. Sit with friends or alone after a long day and enjoy the warmth and relaxation! 


Customize your Pool deck with our Unilock Paver options. Add a border, lights and other special cap selections to your pool deck. 

A great lawn creates a great first impression. Whether you’re a homeowner or realtor, we can work with you to revive the lawn around your entire property.

Client Testimonials

What our homeowners say...

Read the reviews from the homeowners we’ve built amazing outdoor spaces for already!

Caitlin BobelCaitlin Bobel
17:05 05 Jun 23
When we were looking to have our patio redone we called three different companies for a quote, Odd Jobs was the only one that actually came out to our home to meet with us in person and look at our space and discuss the work we wanted done. The quote was beyond reasonable, the work was done quickly and professionally, we appreciated the weekly updates we received as well. Overall top knotch performance with 0 complaints. Everything is beautiful and great quality. We love our new patio and covered pavilion! Looking forward to the many family memories we will make.
Philip DauchyPhilip Dauchy
16:29 22 Dec 22
Odd Jobs is fantastic! We used them to design our back patio (design was amazing and design price was very reasonable) then welcomed them back to design and install our brick walk, walk lights, and porch tiling. The team is professional, courteous, and always shows up on time. There were some left-over materials that they put to good use in creative ways that improved the yard.I will use again and recommend them to friends and family. What I also liked is the communication. They set up a text group so that all parties including management, the foreman, me, and my wife were all in the loop. Life saver!
Carlo LicataCarlo Licata
15:35 12 Dec 22
I’ve worked with Odd Jobs on several occasions to help install their gas fire pits in Oakland County. Josh and Max are very easy to work with, very professional, pay on time and are well organized. The hard scape is detail oriented and always looks amazing. I am looking forward to working on the next project with Odd Jobs!
Angela LangfordAngela Langford
16:00 18 Nov 22
We used Odd Jobs for updating our back patio with an outdoor kitchen, pavilion, and a larger patio with pavers vs the aggregate that was there. The Odd Jobs crew did an outstanding job with the pavers and building the outdoor kitchen. The concrete counters turned out really well. Very good attention to detail on all of the cuts, leveling, and the small retaining wall needed. We would use them again for a future project.
Elaine TorossianElaine Torossian
22:47 17 Oct 21
Odd Jobs Landscaping was wonderful to work with in planning and executing my paver patio,, retaining wall, steps nd lighting project. They were veryresponsive, technically skilled and eager to meet our design needs. They created a 2-D, then a 3- D design, which helps to visualize perspective and size.The installation team was highly skilled, meticulous and willing to accommodate my high expectations. The owners, Max and Josh want you happy with the outcome and we were! Beautiful brick paver patio, retaining wall and steps with lights. Love it and going to enjoy for years to come.

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