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Paver Patio Paradise in Royal Oak

In this short read, we’ll show photos to tell the story of a recent patio project of ours. Scroll to the bottom to see the 5-star review from our customer!

Background Info

Our homeowners installed a patio before listing their home on the market. The transformation took under 13 days. The home was listed on the market after the patio was complete and sold for 11% more than expected in under 14 days. The patio is a new space to enjoy the outdoors and was financially beneficial for them too. SWEET!


Demolition of the deck and creation of base for pavers to be laid.

Old Deck
Odd Jobs LLC Paver Patio West Bloomfield
Odd Jobs LLC Unilock Brussels Paver Patio in West Bloomfield

Creating Steps

Odd Jobs LLC Michigan Paver Patio
Odd Jobs LLC Paver Patio Royal Oak

Laying Pavers


Finished Paver Patio by Odd Jobs LLC in Royal Oak Michigan
Unilock Brussels Steps – Odd Jobs LLC

5-Star Review

Click below to read this 5-Star review

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