Southfield’s Newest Paver Patio

You’re going to see photos of our most recent paver patio project. Scroll to the bottom to see the 5-star review from our customer! We did this project in Southfield, Michigan. We connected with the homeowner on the Nextdoor app and things turned out amazing for us both. Take a look for yourself!

Excavating Base


Odd Jobs creating a Paver Patio in Southfield Michigan
String lines for Paver Patio

Prepping Base

Odd Jobs in Southfield Michigan building paver patio
3/4 Gravel Installed

Paver Time!

Odd Jobs using Unilock Beacon Hill Paver Patio
Paver Patio Progress

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Odd Jobs laying 300 square feet paver patio in Southfield Michigan.
Paver Patio Detail


Paver Patio in Metro Detroit
Odd Jobs modern back yard paver patio finished
Stylish Paver Patio
Odd Jobs paver patio project in Southfield Michigan with landscaping

Paver Patio Upclose Details

5-Star Review

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