Our Sod Installation in West Bloomfield

Hey everyone. In this quick article, you and I are going to cover our latest Sod installation in West Bloomfield. First, I’ll give you a background story on this Sod project. Then I’ll explain what we did for this customer and how it helped them. 

For starters, our customer had an area in the back of their home that was full of weeds. It was a complete eyesore. It was heavily overgrown and needed to be ripped out and replaced with new Sod—so that’s what we did. This area sat high above their home and actually caused the neighbor’s extra run-off water to stay in their backyard.

We started by bringing in our Skid steer to clear the area.

Grading done ✅The bucket on our machine is the perfect tool for the job. Saves us time and helps us follow through on our mission to do 10/10 quality work.

Posted by Odd Jobs LLC on Wednesday, June 17, 2020
Grading to clear the area

For any Sod installation, we have to get to bare soil. Once the area was cleared we spoke with the homeowner and recommended adding more dirt to prevent the neighbors runoff water from settling into the yard. The idea is to reduce the hill and give it a flatter top than existed previously. We brought in 3 yards of topsoil, graded the area and Harley raked the new topsoil into the existing soil. The reason why we performed the installation in this fashion was to create fertile grounds for our sod to grow and thrive.

Once the ground was prepared and ready for Sod to be installed, we begin the installation. We love to use Sod from our vendor in Davidson, Michigan. They provide the highest quality Kentucky bluegrass Sod in Michigan. We select this species as it’s prime for shade and sunny areas and is specifically researched by Scott’s to last in Michigan’s hot and cold changing environments. 

This was a short and sweet project. We added Sod in several areas. Take a peek at the photos from the project!

New Sod ✅Graded, Harley Raked, Topsoil and Kentucky Blue Grass

Posted by Odd Jobs LLC on Monday, June 29, 2020

Sunset vibes 🌅

Posted by Odd Jobs LLC on Monday, June 29, 2020

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