Interior Painting in Bloomfield Hills

Painting done the right way. For the last 2-weeks, we’ve been hired for an interior painting project in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. We were recommended to the homeowner by a top 1% realtor that we frequently partner with. This home is currently for sale, and the homeowner knows one thing. It’s time to update and its time for a change.

Stroke By Stroke

Per usual we started with a walkthrough of the home. The reason for a walkthrough is to get an idea of what our homeowner wants to do. And for us to make some suggestions too. Here’s what the scope of this work ended up being:

  1. Paint Living Room #1
  2. Paint Winding Stairs
  3. Paint Trim

If you look below you will see before and after photos. The beauty of the photos is that it shows the quality and care we put into this project. We chose brighter colors in order to take advantage of the natural light from outside. The lighter colors combined with natural light adds to the energy of the room. It’s so easy to imagine a large family chatting and eating around a table in this room.

The Views

The major appeal of this home is the views it offers. The winding stairs at the entrance give you a feeling of elegance and class. Take another step into the home and your eyes will land on the breathtaking views. You’ll immediately be drawn to both the backyard and pond. This house sports a half-basketball court, one large deck, in-deck jacuzzi and more. I’d say working from home here wouldn’t be so bad!

Our Promise

Thank you for reading this far. As you can tell, this was one awesome project. The very best part is that we stuck to our promise. The same promise that the Odd Jobs team makes to all our customers. Service first and then satisfaction. When our customers are happy, then we’re happy. We pride ourselves on bringing your ideas to life and exceeding expectations.

What About You?

Enough about us. We want to hear from you. Do you have a project that you’re looking to do in your home? If so, share it with us below. We’re urgent to discover how we can create with you.

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