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Leaf Removal: Leaves are Organic Mulch

Are you into free mulch?

I hope you are. Because we are. We’re halfway through the Fall in Oakland County and every day the leaves are falling from the trees. It’s hard not to notice it. Hues of warm reds, deep oranges, and bright yellows are everywhere. Besides the beautiful colors, it’s likely your co-workers, neighbors, and even spouse are probably in search of someone to remove the leaves. 

And to be honest, we wholeheartedly support that decision. But, there is one thing that you need to know about leaf removals/leaf cleanups. That is that it’s OK to leave the leaves on the ground. Shredded leaves that is.

In case you didn’t know Mother nature will turn those wet leaves into a beautiful yard come Springtime. To us fallen leaves are an irritant, an annoyance to be dealt with. To Mother Nature they are organic mulch in the making. 

Yes, it won’t be the prettiest sight but why not give it a try? You have so much to gain–a beautiful lawn, fuller plants, and healthier soil. Instead of bagging your leaves and having the city of Bloomfield or West Bloomfield haul them away, spread them across your yard. In your flower beds. And everywhere in between. They will biodegrade and become mulch that helps to nourish and protect your soil during the winter. 

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