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Limestone retaining wall and raised patio with Unilock

Lake Orion Michigan -Unilock Beacon Hill XL Patio and Limestone Retaining Wall

Back at it again with another blog! Today we are going to be talking about the biggest project that we’ve started this season. This project is a true game-changer for our company because of the sheer size, difficulty, and unique materials used on this project. Today you’re going to learn about our limestone wall and raised patio plus a private beach project that’s happening in Lake Orion Michigan

Project info!

The homeowners on this project wanted to create a very unique outdoor living space that was extremely close to their current dock the design that we proposed had ledge rock, a raised patio, and a private beach all included which they loved to check out the photo below!

Not easy!

This project by no means is an easy feat. The number one difficulty that we had with his project was the steepness of the hill and the ability to access the actual building area. We started this project in winter and spent about 12 days simply creating an access pathway for us to bring materials in and out of. At certain points, we were extremely scared about our machine sliding down this hill and into the lake! Thank God they did not!

2D Landscape Design
2D Landscape Design

Beginning of the project!

Check out this video from Max and Josh explaining the difficulties they experienced at the start of this project.

Moving and grooving! 

We came back at the start of the spring to make more progress on this project and started by installing our limestone/ledge rock retaining wall. Tune in to this short voice-over video where Max explains the method behind our madness! 

Limestone Raised Patio

Progress Photos!

If you’re reading this today, there’s a likelihood we could be finished by now, and if not here’s our progress to date. Also, check out the Facebook live link below! Max shows our current progress to date and you’ll be able to see the Beacon Hill XL pavers that were used, the limestone/ledge rock retaining wall that we’ve built, stairs, and lights, and much more. This is going to be the sexiest project in Lake Orion!

Click the link to see the LIVE video–it’s worth your time!

 Contact us

If you’re interested in having a space like this design in your backyard, give us a call today. We’re looking forward to working with you and designing an exotic outdoor living space for you and your family to enjoy and increase the quality of your life. Contact us at (248) 302-9175!

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