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Retaining Wall U-Cara in Michigan Waterford by Odd Jobs Landscaping

Unilock U-Cara Retaining Wall in Waterford Michigan by Odd Jobs

Hey, thank you for coming by to read our latest article. It’s been some time since we posted an article but we’ve completed so many projects that we wanted to share with you guys what’s been going on. In this short read, we’re gonna talk about the U-Cara retaining wall that we completed in Waterford Michigan. We believe this is the tallest Ucara wall (10ft) in Michigan and it’s certainly the wall that our homeowners are most excited about! We’ve got videos pictures and more details for you so please continue reading and we hope you enjoy it.

How did it start?

This project started all on Facebook. We use U-Cara quite a bit and had been making some frequent posts on our social media about how good it was. Shortly after these persistent posts our homeowner contacted us and informed us that they had a large project and wanted a new retaining wall and hopefully a beautiful outdoor space however they lacked the vision to get it done. That’s where we came into play!

2D/3D Landscape design by Odd Jobs

Like every project, we started with our 2-D and 3-D landscape design. The reason why we start our projects with 2-D and 3-D landscape designs is to give our homeowners confidence in what they’re purchasing and to give our team a blueprint to execute. This design process went through three separate revisions until we landed on a vision for their backyard that they loved. Check out the photos below!

Getting started!

This project started closer to the end of the year and actually moved through the winter into the top of 2022. Check out this video that Josh and Max filmed at the very beginning of the project to see what things look like. And if you have not already, please subscribe to us on YouTube we post so much content that we know you will enjoy it if you’re reading this today.

U-Cara Retaining Wall in Waterford Michigan

U-cara Retaining Wall

So now that you’ve watched that video and got an idea of what it looked like beforehand let’s talk more about U-Cara. U-Cara is Unilock‘s most popular wall product for two reasons– one it’s very simple for contractors to install and two it has a view beautiful appearance that makes it aesthetically pleasing in any location. We’ve used U-Cara for pillars retaining walls ceiling walls steps and many more things and it’s the perfect solution to every equation. The color we decided on here was Sierra and we added an accent row to give the wall some additional character and complement the pavers really well. The brick pavers that we used are the classic Beacon Hill Granite Smooth with a 4×8 Holland premier border.


A project like this could range anywhere from $40,000+


Well, are you curious to see what it looks like in the end? Here’s your chance to check out these finished photos below this wall is incredible it’s a whopping 10 feet tall and is paired with a curve Unilock Beacon Hill granite Smooth a Patio and it’s truly the best backyard you can find in Michigan

Contact us

So, if you’re interested in a retaining wall and patio combination very similar to this give us a call today. We can be reached at 248-302–9175 and we’re super excited about working with you too!

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