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Paver Patio Unilock in Rochester Hills Michigan

Unilock Paver Patio in Rochester Hills Michigan

Hey, thanks for stopping by to read our latest blog. In this blog, we’re going to talk about a paver patio and outdoor kitchen insert that we built in Rochester Hills Michigan this July.

Where did it start?

This project started with a very simple phone call. The homeowners had originally emailed us and filled out a quote form on our website to have us come out to take a look at their project. They wanted a patio and walkway and didn’t have too many other details to share about what they wanted to do. What happened shortly after was we scheduled a consultation and Joshua had the opportunity to visit and bring them some samples catalogs, Unilock products, and lighting samples for them to see and for them to select from. 

During this first consultation, Joshua also made some suggestions about what he believed would be a good fit for the backyard too. We ended up deciding on Beacon Hill Smooth in a granite colorway as well as a U-Cara granite outdoor kitchen insert. We also felt that lights could be a great idea to add safety considering they had young children and to provide some visibility at night because the house did not have too many exterior lights to use.

How long?

This project took about two weeks to complete. The reason why it took so long for such a simple space was we had some change orders involving the size of the patio. We extended it in some areas and also we had some difficulties related to the fence. We struggled to understand how the walkway would connect with the fence and we eventually decided to move some of the fence panels to make the space more aesthetically pleasing and functional.

Outdoor Kitchen Insert

Now, for our outdoor kitchen insert. So originally the homeowner wanted some type of an outdoor kitchen, but not the full commitment of an outdoor kitchen. The reason is that outdoor kitchens tend to cost a lot of money in our experience they range from $10,000 to $20,000–and that’s no minor investment. So, instead of doing their full outdoor kitchen, we decided to do an insert that fits perfectly with the existing grill they already had.

We decided to do it with U-Cara which made it super classy and up-to-date and it complemented the pavers they selected really well. This is our first time building an outdoor kitchen insert and I actually like the idea of it. It’s a non-committal investment that doesn’t require you to purchase a new grill if you already have one and still can look very fashionable and clean when done with the right wall products.

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