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Odd Jobs installs French Drain Man Youtube in Wabeek Hills Bloomfield Michigan

French Drain Install in Wabeek of Bloomfield Hills

Hello, thanks for stopping by to read our latest blog post. Today, we will talk to you about a French drain we installed in Bloomfield Hills. This French drain is slightly different from our average one because we utilized the materials from French Drain Man to transform this flooded backyard into a usable space for the family.

The homeowner called us because their neighbors’ properties sit higher than their own, causing a problem of water continuously flowing onto their property with no method to leave. We were contracted to build a 170-foot French drain to redirect water off the property and, with the city’s approval, guide it towards the culvert on the property.

We used French Drain Men’s high-octane perforated pipes and also incorporated their non-woven geotextile fabric to create a “burrito” for our drainage system. Based on our experience with Home Depot and retail brands of perforated pipe, we observed that this was 2–3 times more durable than the average. The non-woven geotextile was also slightly thicker than what is typically found at a landscape supply store.

Inside our drainage system, we utilized a 1.5-inch rock that was cleaned to ensure optimal water permeation. On the outside of the drainage system, we used Pea gravel to provide more opportunity for water to permeate through the earth. Overall, it turned out well. If you’d like to see more about this installation in Bloomfield Hills, feel free to take a look at this short video that shows the process from start to finish. 

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