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Brick Paver Project in Clarkston Michigan

In Clarkston, Michigan, we installed a pair of brick paver driveway extensions for a new family settling into their freshly built home. Our team of artists built a work of art using Unilock stones to create a stylish driveway.

When the new homeowners reached out to us, they were looking for a way to enhance the curb appeal of their home and make their driveway stand out…

The construction process started with measurements and preparations. We ensured a solid foundation with a permeable base. Then carefully laid each paver, creating a smooth and visually appealing surface. The use of Unilock, a high-quality paving material, added an extra layer of sophistication to the extensions too.

The family is thrilled with the result, and for good reason. The brick pavers created a classic and welcoming atmosphere that complemented the architecture of their new home. The Unilock material not only added to the aesthetics but also offered durability, ensuring the driveway extensions would withstand the test of time and Michigan’s ever-changing weather.

Aside from the visual appeal, the practicality of the driveway extensions was not overlooked. The brick pavers created a smooth and level surface, ensuring a safe and convenient area for parking and maneuvering vehicles.

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