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The Best Paver Patio in West Bloomfield Michigan

Hey there! Thank you for stopping by to see the latest and greatest in outdoor living. Today you’re going to see us build the best patio and fire pit in West Bloomfield, Michigan. We even share the cost of this project if you’re interested. Let’s hop right in!

Phase 1: 2D and 3D Landscape Design

We started this project with a $750 2D and 3D design!

Yes, we did!

Why you might ask?

Well, our designs help the family visualize their new outdoor space and have confidence in their new investment. The design helped them collaborate with us to create their space to their liking. Here are 2 of the 10 design screenshots we created!

Our designs come with unlimited revisions and all Unilock pavers and stones can be displayed, this means you can test AND see every idea you have for your new space in a design before we start the install.

Phase 2: Wooden Deck Demolition 

This home originally came with an older deck. Due to the fact it was in poor condition and wasn’t attractive the homeowners rarely used their backyards! 

What’s the fun in having a home that you don’t use 100% of and can’t entertain at?

We marked all utility lines with MISS DIG and then started removing this deck. Check out this photo from demolition!

Phase 3: Brick Pavers, Natural Firepit, and Outdoor Lights!

The fun part. The brick pavers, firepit, and lights! For patio our base we used a 21AA and 2NS to create the best foundation for this permeable patio to last a lifetime. 

The pavers are Beacon Hill in Granite—our best seller of 2020! The border is Copthorne in charcoal; this is a top-of-the-line cast stone paver. It comes with a waxed finish for added elegance and happens to be 4x stronger than poured concrete. 

For the firepit, we used a newly released Series Finish by Unilock! It’s one of the first in the US! We also used the U-Cara Wall system along the walls to hide the brick that was damaged from the deck. 

For the lights, we hung string lights on posts wrapped with “tiki” rope to create a cute ambiance! Under the caps, we have 4 LED lights as well. All lights, both in the stairs and string lights, are controlled by a light switch we added in the home for easy use. 

The Perfect Paver Patio! 

Well there you have it! The perfect paver patio in West Bloomfield Michigan.

Interested in an outdoor space like this? This project costs +/- $19,000.
Again, the features include:
  1. Beacon Hill Paver Patio
  2. Copthorne Waxed Border
  3. Lifetime Warranty on Pavers
  4. U-Cara Series Finish Natural Patio
  5. U-Cara Almond Steps 
  6. U-Cara Wall System 
  7. 4 LED lights under Steps
  8. Tiki Rope + String Lighting 
  9. Sod Repair
  10. Cleanup and Finishing Touches 
  11. The Odd Jobs Team 🙂

Ready to get started?

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