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Why is Organic Mulch better?

One of our customers asked us "What mulch should I use in my garden?"

To answer her question, I’m writing this short post.

Spring is coming and you, your neighbors, and just about all of Michigan is planning on getting mulch in their yard. No matter if you are buying mulch for the first time or this is your 10th year in a row buying mulch, this information below will be helpful.

Picking a good tier of mulch should be easy, but it’s not. The major stores are full of dyed woodchip style mulch, and no one should be applying that to their yard. Nine times out of ten the small chips were made in factories and are chemically treated. When you’re looking for mulch you have to be particular. You want an A-grade of mulch that mimics the texture that soil has; higher grades of mulch are better at holding the moisture in the soil. In the spring and summer months, the West Bloomfield area can reach high temperatures and an A-grade mulch will protect your plants and give them a healthy foundation to blossom in.

The best type of mulch to use is an organic mulch. The mulch needs to be a mix of wood shavings and real horse manure. It may not be the most appealing smell, but your yard will repay you! Your flowers will bloom fully and you’ll keep weeds away.

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