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What type of pavers should I use for my patio project? 

Thanks for coming to see this quick read about what type of pavers you should use for your upcoming patio project.

The best type of pavers to use are brick pavers that are cast from concrete. For our projects, we use Unilock which supplies and manufactures concrete cast stones. These cast stones are 4 times stronger than concrete because they are made in a manufacturing facility and are designed to withstand the elements (especially in Michigan and the Midwest).

Where do I buy pavers?

You can buy brick pavers in Oakland County at a local landscape store. Brick pavers are also sold at most hardware stores like Lowe’s and Home Depot, but their pavers are decorative and are not made with all the durability for a “true” patio project that will withstand the test of time. They also do not come with a warranty!

Types of brick pavers

Today you have a lot of styles to pick from too. You’re in luck! Some manufacturers create very modern bricks meant for those who appreciate a newer style. They also tend to have classic and traditional styles to pick from also.

Traditional style!

This is what we consider a 4×8 Paver. Similar to what’s common at a library or hospital entrance.

Holland Paving Stones | R.I. Lampus

Modern Styles

Beacon Hill Smooth Granite

Why should I use bricks over concrete in Michigan?

The number one reason to use brick pavers over concrete is for durability over the long term

. A large reason why people select concrete is because of its cost-effectiveness. I do understand cost is a huge factor in selecting it as a surface material, however in Michigan where we experience several different temperatures in different seasons it is not the best solution. In Michigan, our freeze/thaw cycles cause concrete to shift and crack at a rapid rate. This does not mean that your concrete will crack the same year it is installed, it does however mean that it will for certain crack at some point in time in the future. The downside of the cracking is that in Michigan concrete cannot be warranted. This means your investment will have to be redone or he will settle for a patched concrete project if it cracks.

Now for pavers. Yes, they are a larger expense upfront and given they can be warranted for a lifetime by some manufacturers, and fare better in the winter when installed with a fully permeable base, we believe they are the best solution.

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Interested to see how we install brick pavers? Click below to see this 6-minute timelapse!

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