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Limestone Retaining Wall in Bloomfield Hills by Odd Jobs Landscape Pavers

What is Hardscape? 

Hardscape is what we would consider as all stone, paver, and Boulder/rock work. The non-living parts of your outdoor space! Whereas landscaping has to do with manipulating the land, hardscape has to do with manipulating aggregates into beautiful outdoor living features.

Common Examples of Hardscapes:

  • Driveways/patios – Driveways, Walkways, patios, pads, and Moore are typically created from concrete/paver/gravel materials
  • Retaining Walls – These are structures used to retain dirt and give durability to nearby structures. These are typically built with boulders, limestone, gravity wall blocks, and or regular modular blocks
  • Pillars – Pillars are a great accent feature to give height to an outdoor living space and typically they’re crafted from either cement blocks with stacked stone adhered to it or from a retaining wall block.
  • Fireplaces – In the fall the fireplace becomes the most used hardscape feature in Michigan backyards. Fireplaces are typically premade and finished with a cultured stone and or built from a retaining wall block.

These are just a few examples of hardscaping! If you’re interested in seeing more examples of hardscaping click the link below to visit our YouTube channel where you can see us build all types of Hardscapes!

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