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Retaining Wall Front Entrance by Odd Jobs Landscape Pavers

The Best Brick Paver Entrance and Walkway in Clarkston Michigan

This is our best hardscape project ever! We’re convinced we created the most luxurious front entrance in Michigan. Thanks for stopping by to read our 68th blog post! This has been a long journey and only gets better 🙂

Landscape Design for Brick Paver Entrance

This project started with a 2D landscape design. The beauty of our landscape design service is that they provide our homeowners with a realistic vision of the project before beginning. Our landscape designs start at $950 and are 100% refundable towards the cost of your project. It’s essentially an opportunity for your family to have an idea of the end product. Much changed as we built this space due to our homeowners wanting to add to their space–but the designs serve as a foundation for the build.

Building A Grand Entrance

Here are a couple of action shots from the build! Installing our brick and mortar pillars, retaining walls for maintaining the structure of our steps, and more!

Paver Walkway, Pillars and Landscape Lighting

As of today Dec 10th, we are about 99% complete here. We have to install landscaping on both sides come spring, clean pavers, and the homeowner is looking forward to upgrading their backyard too! But nonetheless, this is an AWESOME front entrance. Our most beautiful work yet and we’re so proud of this one!

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