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Sod Installation

Sod Installation in Waterford by Odd Jobs Landscape & Pavers
A great lawn creates a great first impression. Whether you’re a homeowner or realtor, we can work with you to revive the lawn around your entire property. Over time your lawn loses its curb appeal and it’s easy for friends, family, and potential renters to notice burnt, missing and, discolored grass. This is why it a great idea to install Sod. A sod installation can be completed in just one day and your patchy lawn can become the lushest lawn on your street. No more hassle. No more spreading grass seed and wasted hours in the yard.
If you’re interested in installing Sod at your home, you can connect with our team at 248-302-9175 or submit your information below. We’re looking forward to helping you make this investment. Our team prides ourselves on ensuring your satisfaction. Once you’re satisfied then we are satisfied. We offer a variety of Sod and we are going to work with you to discover the perfect match to improve the look of your yard. Submit your information below to get started with us.

We work with you to provide a roadmap of how we will transform your yard. Our Sod installations utilize materials sourced from Local Sod Farms. Your input is valued throughout the process, and we bring our expertise to ensure your desires are met.

  • Rotor Tilling
  • Area Preparation
  • Post Maintenance

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