Success with a Realtor’s Property

About 3 weeks ago we recieved an inquiry from a realtor who was in need of our home improvement services. The realtor, Susan, who we had a blast working with, needed power washing and staining for her deck, weeding, bush trimming and window cleaning. We connected with her after our first phone call and our team met her at the property for the quote. We offered her great advice about key areas of the home she should improve so that it is more valuable and will sell at a faster rate.


For this project, we used a wide variety of tools to bring the best results.

  • Power Washer High PSI
  • Stain & Paint Supplies
  • Hedgers
  • Leaf Blower
  • Rakes & Shovels
  • Window Cleaning Supplies


After we finished the job and we took a good look at the home, there was a noticeable difference. The most obvious difference was the trimmed shrubs. They now sit below the windows, instead of in front of them, and because we cleaned her windows, they have an awesome shine. Clean windows are a great finishing touch to a home. Since the completion of the project, Susan has recieved multiple offers on the home and many compliments on the landscaping too.

  • Client : John Doe
  • Live Demo :
  • Category : Success Story
  • Date : December 20, 2017