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Retaining Wall in Beverly Hills Michigan by Odd Jobs Landscape Pavers

Pisa 2 Retaining Wall and Patio in Beverly Hills Michigan

Hey guys! This is another blog talking about our Beverly Hills project. This project is a big one and we’re gonna be talking about phase 1 that we did this year.

For this project, the homeowners had actually just moved to Michigan and we’re looking for a way to utilize their backyard as they anticipated having a newborn. They ideally wanted to create a space that gave them more area to utilize with friends and family and their child sometime in the future. When we first met, it was the middle of the winter it was very hard to see what the outdoor living space looked like let alone what it could look like. On the first arrival, I do remember there being so many trees in the area that it was unusable in addition to the fact that it was essentially a large sloping hill leading into a creek behind your home.

Landscape Design

This project started with a 2-D and 3-D design and had a couple of iterations before we finalized the design. In our designs, we created a retaining wall plus patio space that would Connect the front of the home to the back of the home and a very elegant high-end way. Check out this design!

Landscape design

Retaining Wall in Beverly Hills, Michigan

Is project overall took about 5 to 6 weeks to complete the first step was building a retaining wall. This retaining wall it’s built from Pisa 2 by Unilock. Most times we use U-Cara but for this one, we needed something that would give us a very strong structure and much of it would be buried so the aesthetics of it weren’t as important. The most important thing about this wall was one having drainage and for it to be sturdy enough to create a structural foundation to hold up an entire second outdoor living space. Check out this video we made while building it!

After the retaining wall, we started on the paver patio. This paver patio has lights inside of the pavers that will give it a very unique look at night and help with safety too. 

Overall this project was amazing the homeowners were very satisfied and you can read their review below. Also, check out these pictures that we took we think that it looks amazing and it turned out just right.

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