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Pavers: 3 Reasons To Choose Brick Pavers Over Concrete in Michigan

Are you deciding between brick pavers and concrete for your new patio, driveway, and walkway? Perfect. The answers you need to help you make a decision are below. We’re going to share with you three important reasons why pavers are a better long-term option versus concrete.

1. Durability

Concrete slabs are far more prone to splitting and cracking. Especially in Michigan’s quickly changing climate. The ground in Michigan expands and contracts during the warm and cold months. And because concrete is poured as one piece it’s easy for it to crack unexpectedly. To be quite honest it’s almost inevitable, that’s why brick pavers are our favorite.

Unilock pavers are up to four times stronger than poured concrete. They’re perfect for the midwest which sees extreme changes in temperature on a regular basis

Unilock Midwest

2. Design Options & Variety

Pavers are nine times out of ten far more visually appealing than concrete slabs. They catch your eye immediately. You can manipulate with textures, shapes, lengths and widths of pavers to create seperate “rooms” for your outdoor living space too. One of our favorite pavers are Unilock Beacon Hill–they come in a smooth textured option and rugged flagstone options too.

Here are a few photos of outdoor spaces where we used Beacon Hill. Looks nice, right?

3. Safety

Safe fun is the best fun. In wet conditions, concrete slabs become very slippery and dangerous. If the concrete has been treated or sealed it can become 2x as slippery. So, if you’re not interested in slipping, falling, and having an injury, pavers are the best bet.

Pavers are the complete opposite. They’re not perfect of course, but it is easy for shoes to grip them. The reason is that pavers are individually placed, are textured on top and have raised edges to improve gripping ability

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P.S I know you’re thinking to yourself “But pavers cost more.” That is correct! They are more than concrete. Remember that’s because they’re less prone to crack, more designs are possible, and are safer for kids and the elderly. Quality and reliability always come at a cost and pavers are certainly worth the extra cost.

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