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Paver Patio West Bloomfield by Odd Jobs Landscape

Outdoor Kitchen, Paver Patio and Pillars in West Bloomfield

Hey there! Thank you for stopping by to see the latest and greatest in outdoor living spaces. If you follow us on social media you know we’re building this awesome outdoor living space. And today you’re going to see the outdoor kitchen, pillars and pavers were building. Let’s hop right in!

How did we connect with this project?

This project is a refferal from a patio we built last season! The first homeowner recommended us as the perfect team to build this outdoor living space. 

Phase 1: 2D and 3D Landscape

For this project we started with an $1200 design to fully visualize this 3,300+ square foot space. It’s huge! 

For a project of this size, it’s a must to start with a design. With so many moving pieces it’s critical that we have a good understanding of how the new space will appear. Starting with a design also prevents unnecessary expenses due to changes in materials. 

Phase 1: Raised Patio

We created a raised patio in order to bring the patio up to the correct height. For the wall, we used Pisa2 stone by Unilock. The height of this wall is roughly 3ft and one course is buried for structural integrity. 

Phase 2: Brick Paver Patio

For the brick pavers, our homeowner selected the Brussels block by Unilock. Brussels is the original tumbled concrete paver created by Unilock in North America and many homeowners love the classic appearance. This brick is super easy to work with and thanks to its tumbled appearance you do not have to worry about scratching the surface.

Phase 3: Unilock Stone Pillars 

Pillars! We love pillars! Pillars create height for any outdoor space and are perfect for emphasizing entrance areas. Here we used them to accent the entrance and exit ways on this patio. For the pillars we used Brussels Blocks too–all of the pillars on this patio will be equipped with outlets for plugging in household items.

Phase 4: Outdoor Kitchen with Gas Grill and Granite Countertop

With an Outdoor Kitchen cooking and eating a meal outside is the perfect good-weather activity. If you like burgers, ribs, chicken, veggies, and more you should consider an outdoor kitchen. No more worries about cooking inside and bringing it outside. You can prepare, cook and eat outdoors this summer. This will be complete with a granite countertop, gas grill, cabinets, and more! 

The best paver patio in West Bloomfield, Michigan!

Interested in a project like this?

Again the features include:

  1. Raised Patio
  2. Brussels Paver Patoi
  3. Brussels Pillars
  4. Outdoor Kitchen with Granite and Cabinents
  5. Brick Paver Walkway
  6. Brick Paver Courtyard
  7. Brick Paver Paver Extensions
  8. The Odd Jobs Team 🙂

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