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Clawson Mulch Landscaping project with mulch, sod and patio

Modern Gravel Patio in Clawson

Hello and thank you for coming to read our latest short read about a project that took place in Clawson Michigan. For this project, the homeowner had an idea of making her current home more modern and doing so by adding a gravel patio and some other features. I believe she thought less of what the possibilities were, however, when we were complete she was very happy with all that we did.


Here are a couple of photos before the project began. We met with the client and described what we thought would be a very simple space to take care of that she and her partner could enjoy together. We decided to wait decided to go for the low-maintenance and modern aesthetic. This year we’ve done quite a few projects that have involved gravel and mulch with care and did ideas for other projects where it was suitable. We actually reused the pavers that she had on-site and relayed them in an interesting pattern that allowed it to look slightly as if it were a checkerboard.

Clawson Landscaping project with mulch, sod and patio


We used Pea gravel for the majority of the area and below it we placed some gravel base to stabilize the area given there will be instability with any gravel from the patio. As for the mulch, we used our black triple shredded mulch and we separated all the areas by utilizing black aluminum edging. We recommend installer homeowners whether you are working with a landscaper or a landscaper yourself this is a very malleable product and can help to set off a space with the stark black contrast.

This project was done in two days and was a very simple install. If you’re a homeowner who lives in Clawson or nearby areas in Oakland County and are looking to do a very small project similar to this we would love to help you. A project like this will come under $10,000 and will be a great start to an outdoor living space for you and your family and especially for those newer homeowners.

Give us a call at 248–3 02–9175 or reach out to us on any social media platform. We’re looking forward to working with you!

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