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Landscape Design in Bloomfield Hills Michigan

Landscape design

We offer landscape design in Oakland County. Our primary services are installing brick paver patios, brick paver pool decks, outdoor kitchens, fire pits, and retaining walls. With every project that we do our intention is to build something that is first structurally sound for years to come and aesthetically pleasing him. One thing that we have recognized with many homeowners in Oakland County is that they are open to new ideas and stretching the boundaries of what landscaping design can be. we look forward to building you a new outdoor living space too.

Brick Pavers in Oakland County 

Brick paver patios are our favorite projects. We prefer brick pavers over any other type of patio material. Great endurance, better appeal, and far more design options are available to select from. Our core services are brick pavers—we can install patios, walkways, and driveway extensions with pavers. Partner with us today to get access to exclusive Unilock Paver options.

Retaining Wall in Bloomfield Hills

Retaining Walls! We like to create structurally sound retaining walls that also are aesthetically pleasing. Whether we’re building a retaining wall or seating wall, our full intention is to create a beautiful structure that both retains the necessary land and is an attractive statement on your property. 

outdoor kitchens in West Bloomfield 

Outdoor kitchens are a luxury amenity that is hard not to appreciate. Not only do outdoor kitchens provide you the benefit of being able to cook outdoors, but grills and smokers also allow you to be more creative with your meals. An outdoor kitchen also helps to keep the smoke, grease, heat, and more outdoors and keep the indoors clean. 

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