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Odd Jobs Install Patio Brick

Install a Brick Patio in Bloomfield Hills

It’s common sense. A backyard patio is a great way to add entertainment to your home. They’re so useful. Let me explain.

You can use it as a place for entertainment with family and friends or a perfect getaway where you can escape and think for just a moment. In West Bloomfield, almost every home has a backyard. But many of those backyards are not full of entertainment. If your home doesn’t have the excitement factor that you would like, its time for a change. It’s time for a patio. 

Customize It 

It all starts with bricks. There are many styles of brick pavers and it has a special character. You can lay brick in a variety of ways and it comes in various sizes and shapes. I’m a fan of bricks. They have a texture that is bold and inviting. 

Odd Jobs Install Patio Brick
There are so many styles of brick.

The Hard Stuff

Now, let’s think about concrete. Concrete can be laid in many ways. It can be brushed, acid washed, and scored. Believe it or not, concrete comes in a variety of colors too. It’s said to have the longest lifespan and this makes it a popular selection for homeowners.

In places that have multiple seasons, think Bloomfield Hills, if you’re installing concrete be sure to lay an extra thick layer to prevent it from cracking. Installing can be done by a professional. On average they range between $8 and $17 dollars per square feet.


This is my personal favorite. They come in rugged shapes and have a rough texture that gives a rustic look. Just recently we installed a flagstone walkway in Bloomfield Hills. If you drive on Walnut Lake Road on your right side you’ll see the walkway that we built. For installation, it costs between $16-$28. 

Bluestone Walkway in West Bloomfield
Odd Jobs LLC built a Bluestone Walkway in West Bloomfield for a family.


Another great DIY option to build a walkway fast is by using pebbles. It’s very affordable and honestly, it’s the simplest method. Many people love the crunchy sound under their feet when they walk, so pebbles are a favorite for homeowners. In Michigan, we get a lot of rain and it’s able to filter through pebbles very easily.

There’s a special way that we install pavers and patios. For us, the base of the walkway is most important. Without a stable foundation, a walkway is useless. We use both gravel and sand bases for our patios and walkways. The gravel allows for natural filtering of the rain and the sand binds to the gravel to create a strong, durable foundation.

Hey! Thanks for reading this blog. If you’re seriously considering a patio, I’m here to help. My name is Joshua with Odd Jobs. Odd Jobs is one of West Bloomfield and Bloomfield Hills leading brick paver installers. Whether you’d like a brick walkway to link your garden to your patio or simply a patio for your backyard we can design and install it. If you want to chat, call me at 248-302-9175. Let’s get started on finding the patio fit for you and your home.Imagine if whenever ever you wanted to create unforgettable memories, you could. You control your future! With all this information, what’s the verdict. Which type is your favorite? Comment below!

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