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The Truth About Spring and Fall Cleanups in Michigan

First things first, rake away your leaves.

As a homeowner, having leaves scattered on your grass, in your flower beds, and even in your garage is a pain. That’s why a good leaf removal is so important after the Fall and Winter months. The purpose of a Leaf Removal is to prepare your home for the coming seasons. There needs to be a focus on easily overlooked areas – in flower beds, your backyard, and hard to reach areas under shrubs and bushes. Focus on removing leaves and clearing clutter out of your yard. A well-done leaf removal will reveal the unique features of your home and give your home a curb appeal that will make you a proud homeowner.

Second, prepare your flower beds.

When it comes to preparing the flowerbeds at your home the most important step is having care. Think about this for a moment, your soil has been stagnant since the cold weather began and it has also been frozen over by the freezing temperatures. It needs to be woken up. In your garden Take a close look at the flower beds and search for areas of improvement. There could be piles of dead leaves, trash or old grass that doesn’t belong. Now is a good time to  get on your hands and knees and pull weeds out from the ground. Use gardening tools to cultivate and turn over the soil. Don’t tear the roots of nearby plants as you prepare the soil. 

Lastly, add mulch for the finishing touch.

Mulch has been used by homeowners in Michigan (West Bloomfield, Farmington Hills, and Waterford for example) for several years. It nourishes the soil at your home, keeps the moisture in the ground, and gives flowers a strong foundation to grow in during the warmer months. If you use mulch at your home you understand the benefits it can have. But, if you’ve yet to use mulch then no worries. We have more information for you! Read our article about mulch and how to discover what’s the right option for your home. 

Fresh mulch added into a neighbor’s DIY back yard garden. 

When it comes to adding mulch, there are many techniques you can use, but we’ll share what works best for us and pleases our homeowners 🙂

1. Observe the area and see if old mulch has already been placed there or if weeds are growing in the tree bed.

2. Always remove as much old mulch and weeds as possible.

3. Preferably remove the weeds by hand to be sure that they’re being pulled from the roots.

4. Remove all old mulch with a rake in order to make room for new mulch.

5. Use the rake to cultivate and turn over the soil in the bed.

6. After the bed is prepped, use a shovel to place the mulch into the barrels. Walk the barrel of mulch towards the bed and dump the mulch onto the specific areas in the bed.

7. Even out the mulch with your hands or by using a rake.

8. Be sure that the applied mulch is thickest near the edge of the bed and not near the roots of the tree. This will prevent fungus and mold from growing at the base of the tree. 

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