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Exposed Aggregate Concrete Patio or Paver Patio?

What’s the better option? Today we’ll answer that for you and explain why. Before we begin, both exposed concrete and pavers are great options for any flat space (patio, driveway, etc)–however one has benefits that make it a no-brainer. Find out below!

Exposed Aggregate Concrete in Michigan

Exposed aggregate is a great upgrade to stamped/regular concrete. The exposed aggregates give it a natural appeal and make it quite comfortable on your feet as well.


  1. Inexpensive compared to pavers
  2. Aesthically pleasing
  3. Fast install process
  4. Environmentaly friendly


  1. Cannot be warrantied–in the event of cracking/flaking you will have to re-install an entire patio/driveway etc.
  2. Will last 5-10 years in good condition.

Brick Paver Patio In Michigan


  1. Lifetime Warranty
  2. More design options (colors, sizes, and textures)
  3. Minimal maintenance
  4. Easy to repair if need be


  1. More costly than concrete

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