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Paver Patio in South Lyon Odd Jobs Landscape Pavers

What is Hardscaping?

Landscaping and hardscaping are like two best friends working together to make outdoor places awesome. Let’s imagine your backyard is a canvas, and you want to paint it with cool things. Landscaping is the friend who loves everything alive and green. It’s all about plants, trees, flowers, and grass. Landscaping makes your backyard look colorful

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Retaining Wall Boulders by Odd Jobs Landscape Pavers in Bloomfield Hills Claredon Crest Dr

5 Questions to Ask Michigan Landscapers

What can I expect throughout the landscaping process?  What you can expect throughout the process is that we will begin with an on-site design visit. The majority of our projects require 2D/3-D designs to get you familiar with your dream outdoor space. In the design phase, we do several iterations to arrive at a design

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UCara Retaining Wall Waterford Michigan by Odd Jobs Landscape Pavers
Retaining Walls

3 Things Great Retaining Wall Contractors do 

Certainly! Geogrid is a material used in building retaining walls to make them more stable and long-lasting. It works by reinforcing the soil or fill material behind the wall. Here’s a simple explanation, imagine you’re building a wall to hold back a hill of dirt. Just stacking bricks or blocks might not be strong enough,

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Limestone Retaining Wall in Bloomfield Hills by Odd Jobs Landscape Pavers

What is Hardscape? 

Hardscape is what we would consider as all stone, paver, and Boulder/rock work. The non-living parts of your outdoor space! Whereas landscaping has to do with manipulating the land, hardscape has to do with manipulating aggregates into beautiful outdoor living features. Common Examples of Hardscapes: These are just a few examples of hardscaping! If you’re

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Paver patio in Bloomfield hills by Odd Jobs Landscaping

Can I put a Hot Tub on a Paver Patio?

Great question! Yes, you can. But, let us explain how! Yes, you can put your hot tub on top of brick pavers. This is a question that so many homeowners ask us. Although it may seem as if hot tubs are far too heavy to be placed on top of pavers, if you do the correct preparation it can be done. On most

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Paver patio with outdoor kitchen and firepit in west bloomfield michigan

The Best Landscaping Design in Walled Lake

Hello and thank you for coming back to another blog. In this blog, we talk about an amazing landscaping project we installed in Walled Lake. This is hands-down one of our favorite projects. Our landscape design here is just plain old special! This project all began with a recommendation from a local shoe shop. Authentic

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In-lite lights in pavers

What type of pavers should I use for my patio project? 

Thanks for coming to see this quick read about what type of pavers you should use for your upcoming patio project. The best type of pavers to use are brick pavers that are cast from concrete. For our projects, we use Unilock which supplies and manufactures concrete cast stones. These cast stones are 4 times

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Clawson Mulch Landscaping project with mulch, sod and patio

Modern Gravel Patio in Clawson

Hello and thank you for coming to read our latest short read about a project that took place in Clawson Michigan. For this project, the homeowner had an idea of making her current home more modern and doing so by adding a gravel patio and some other features. I believe she thought less of what

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Paver Patio West Bloomfield Michigan with Retaining Wall and Firepit

Commerce Patio, Firepit and Outdoor Kitchen Backyard

Hello and thank you for coming back to listen to another block. In this article, we will talk about an amazing project we built in Commerce Township/Walled Lake. This is hands-down one of our favorite projects. We have so many it’s really hard to decide which is our favorite! This project all began with a

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