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Our 6 Favorite Landscaping Projects in 2019

Hello. Thanks for visiting our website! You came here to see our 6 favorite projects from this season, so let’s get right into it. Below you’ll see photos and a brief description of the projects. In some descriptions we talk about the difficulties we ran into and how we overcame them. 

#6 – Brick Paver Patio

This project ranks at number six on our list. Our customers were concerned about the stability and overall appearance of their old patio, so we designed a brick patio for them. We decided to use Brick Pavers for a classic look and because it will last longer than most paving stones. This will give them the stability they need to enjoy summer nights on their patio.

#5 – Pergola

This Pergola project comes in at number five on our list. Our customer, Nick, installed a brick patio and Pergola in his backyard during the Spring; he wanted to stain the Pergola to add flavor. We used a Sherwin Williams Oil-based stain in order to guarantee the best results. The warm colors are inviting and will make it a great social space during warm months. We loved this project because there aren’t many backyards in West Bloomfield or Bloomfield Township that have Pergolas– it’s not common!

Challenges: 3 or 4 drops of paint fell on the brick, but we communicated with our customer and he was glad that we were honest and truthful about the small mishap. We used an acid-based, commercial paint remover to get rid of the paint.

#4 – Mulch Install + Landscape Design

Coming in at number 4 is a Mulching project. We tackled this job back in June, and it was quite the project. The most obvious issue was overgrown, invasive weeds in all flower beds. Her weeds almost killed the Dwarf Pines in the 4th picture! The pictures speak for themselves, look at them closely.

We removed the overgrown weeds, laid a healthy layer of Preen, and topped it off with 2 inches of Organic Cedar Mulch. It looks better, don’t you think?

#3 – Deck Staining

Coming in at number three is a Deck Staining project. Susan, a REMAX realtor, contacted us because she wanted to stain the deck at a Bloomfield Hills home before it was put on the market. We used Sherwin Williams Super Deck for a durable finish–and it turned out great. The dark brown color was exactly what she was looking for.

#2 – Sod Installation

This Sod installation is our second favorite job in 2019. Our customers, Bob and Karen, were having a hard time growing grass in their lawn and we knew Sod was the perfect solution to their issue.

A sod lawn is instantly attractive and is healthier than seeding lawns. Three weeks after installing the lawn we re-visited their home and the lawn was plush and green.

We used a tilling machine to dig and turn the soil so that it would be ready for installing new sod. In total, this project took us between 4 and 5 hours to finish, and it came out great!

#1 – Mulch + Landscape Designing

Landscaping Design. Adding Hygrandeas, Boxwoods, and Stones.

And finally number one! This was our favorite project because we designed the layout of the Boxwood Bushes, Hydgrandgeas and brown, cedar mulch. The home already has a strong presence because of the beauty of the bricks, so the additions make it even better!

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