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10 FAQs About Landscape Design with Odd Jobs LLC

1. How do I book a project?

The easiest way to book a project is by call, email, and texting. Reach out to us and schedule a time that works best for you for a design consultation 🙂

2. How large is the deposit?

Our standard deposit is a non-refundable 15%. For projects above $80,000, we have flexibility in the deposit percentages.

3. Do you work with both pavers and concrete too?

Yes, we install both brick pavers and concrete. We promote and suggest pavers most often due to their appeal and durability. Pavers come in a variety of sizes, textures, and colors. Our manufacturers offer a lifetime warranty so your outdoor space is protected for life!

Unfortunately, concrete cannot be warrantied in Michigan and have less creative possibilities and it’s still a great option for larger spaces to minimize cost. 

4. Who are Max and Josh?

Max and Josh met in Boyscouts and are the leaders of Odd Jobs LLC. Help them reach their goal of working with amazing homeowners across Michigan by contacting us today!

5. Do we do the work in-house?

All projects are done in-house with the exception of specific licensed work (electrical/plumbing etc).

6. What areas do we work In?

We operate in all of Oakland County Michigan.

7. What do you do?

Pavers, retaining walls, outdoor kitchens, pillars, pool decks, pergolas, fire pits, waterfalls, and more! 

8. Do I have to buy a Landscape design?

Yes, all projects that exceed $20,000 require a landscape design.

9. Do You Pull permits?

Yes, we will pull and submit all required permits information on your behalf. 

10. Operate in the winter?

Yes. We offer interior design services (paintings, tile, etc).

Ready To Start Your 3D Design?

Thanks for sticking around for this article! We hope it was worth your time.

Call us today at 248-302-9175 and submit your information below. You can also click here to Message us on Facebook. Start a conversation with us today about adding outdoor living space to your home this year.

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